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30th January, 2021


Sis. Laide Sami

There is a professional exam that I was supposed to do since 2019, I tried when I was pregnant but failed it. I had only 1 year to pass it or risk paying for it myself as my company paid for all of us who were supposed to write it.

When I delivered, I had 2 more months left, by October that it expired, I begged for an extension on 3 months which they did. I kept trying but kept failing it.

On Tuesday, after we finished the 8pm prayers PD mentioned that God said he will do it but not your way. My mind went to that exam but I continued.

I passed one out of the 2 exam 4hrs to the expiration of my license to write. Then I started the second part, unfortunately the license expired without me passing the exam.

I explained to my boss and he helped me make a case to the certification company to please allow me another 1 month.

The portal was opened to me again and God helped me passed the exam that same day.

Praise the Lord for me 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃.

This excites me because it is a certificate acceptable in my field all over the world. I can be at any country and work with it.

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